Apply for the John Giorgi Scholarship

The John Giorgi Scholarship is an initiative of John Giorgi, founder of the Law Offices of John Giorgi, P.C, a well-known New Jersey firm involved in Debt Collection, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and Litigation.

The John Giorgi Scholarship

Realizing the issue of exorbitant college tuition, and the difficulties faced by students of lower socio economic statuses in the United States. John Giorgi has initiated a Scholarship in his name. The John Giorgi Scholarship, with an award of $1,000, will assist one talented student, chosen from a pool of talented individuals from around the United States. The scholarship will benefit students with an excellent academic record.

About John Giorgi

John is a successful attorney lawyer who has been licensed for 32 years. He is specializes in Debt Collection, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and Litigation. He carries an MBA in Finance from Rutgers University. Additionally, he also holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton School of Law. Finally, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business and Political Science from the University of Scranton.

An Accomplished Career – John Giorgi

John Giorgi is an attorney of high repute. Licensed for 32 years, he specializes in cases of Debt Collection, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and Litigation. His knowledge, experience, and patience allows him to be attentive of each and every one of his client. As a personal injury lawyer, John helps plaintiffs receive compensation for their losses, which Includes loss of earnings, medical expenses, emotional distress, loss of companionship, legal costs and attorney fees. He works extensively to safeguard his clients from being victimize by companies and the legal system. Through the years, he has earned many positive reviews.

A Philanthropist at Heart

John knows personally of the difficulties of financing higher eduction, and just how important it is as a path to success. The John Giorgi Scholarship was founded to support bright minds, and help fulfill their career goals and aspirations.

Application Procedure

Eligible Candidates: Students with excellent academic records currently pursuing their undergraduate studies, enrolled in a full-time graduate programs, or involved in postgraduate research programs may apply for this scholarship.

Courses: The financial aid consists of a one-time $1,000 award, and will be given to a student pursuing their full-time academic program at either the undergraduate, graduate, or research-based postgraduate level.

Award Details: The scholarship award will be sent to the university where the winning student attends, and deposited directly into his/her financial aid account.

Application Deadline: October 1, 2021

Award Date: The winner of the John Giorgi Scholarship will be announced on October 15, 2021.

Essay: Applicants are required to submit an essay covering the following topic: “What do you plan to achieve in your professional life, and how will your education help you?” Please answer in 700-850 words.

Application Procedure: To apply for this scholarship, please submit your essay (in the form of a WORD-DOC) attached to an email covering all necessary details listed below, and email all to

Your application should contain the following information:
First and last name
Contact number
Mailing address
Email address
Accurate details of your current academic program
The university where you are pursuing your program
Graduation date in YYYY.MM.DD format
GPA at the time of the application

Winner Selection

John Giorgi will make his award to the most deserving, talented, and driven candidate. Therefore, your essay, and academic record, will play the pivotal role in John’s decision making process.

Announcement of Winner

The winner of the John Giorgi scholarship will be notified via email. The award winner will be require to acknowledge acceptance of the award within 2 weeks of the award date. Once the winner had accepted the award, proceeds will be forward directly to the students University of attendance, and deposited into his/her financial aid account. The award winners name will be published on the John Giorgi Scholarship website.