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John Giorgi’s Tips to Stay Healthy during COVID-19 Outbreak

John Giorgi at times of uncertainty and stress, one can easily fall prey to bad habits and neglect the established healthy routine. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will support the body and the mind, thus making one better equipped to handle the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Maintaining a healthy and good immune system has become vital than ever. 

How to Stay Healthy During the Outbreak?

John Giorgi has shared some times to help people stay healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

  • Healthy Balanced Diet- This is the time when people need to maintain a proper diet. The right nutrition will help to enhance one’s mental health and also energy levels. Making healthy choices such as consuming fresh fruits and vegetables will help with one’s overall nutrition. One should limit sugary and fatty foods. Again, one should not skip meals as this can impact their concentration, and they may also experience feeling lethargic or get a headache. 
  • Stay Hydrated- The maximum part of the body contains water, thus staying hydrated is crucial. Drinking sufficient water will help maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body, thus maintaining energy levels and easing digestion. Besides, it will also help one to think more clearly. One must drink at least 7-8 glasses of fluids daily. 
  • Preparation is Key- It is vital to plan while maintaining or creating healthy habits. Life has undergone a lot of changes of late, and to balance, everything can be hard. So, preparation is the key here. 
  • Keep Active- To keep active is essential to remain healthy. The endorphins which are released at the time of exercise will make one feel happy. Social distancing for the majority will indicate adapting to novel ways of staying active and exercising, but it is still possible to enjoy a good workout at home. One can make the most of different fitness materials that are accessible online. 
  • Stay No to Quick Fixes to Reduce Stress- Stress can make one crave fatty and salty food or cause them to overheat. One must not deprive them completely yet should stick to a healthy choice often. Keeping nutritious and healthy snacks nearby will make sure that one does not binge on unhealthy food. A small amount of food one fancies is good, but balance is the key. 
  • Adequate Sleep- When there is a change in routine, sleep gets affected the most. It is suggested to have 8-9 hours of sleep daily. Adequate sleep will work wonders to improve one’s overall health and also protect their mental health. As per studies, sufficient sleep will make one happier, help them have a healthy weight, and improve their memory. Above all, it will boost their immune system. People who have insomnia or face difficulty sleeping can take the help of meditation apps to help unwind. 

Most importantly, one should not be hard on themselves. Rather they should reach out to dear ones for support if the need be. So, follow the aforementioned tips sincerely and stay in the pink of health during these challenging times.

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